6 Ways to Make Your Graphic Tees

6 Ways to Make Your Graphic Tees

Creating customized graphic tees is fun and relatively easy to do. Whether you're seeking a new hobby or just enjoying a creative challenge. Customizing your own t-shirts at home with iron-on transfer paper is a rewarding, inexpensive outlet for your creativity. Therefore, you know how to create your own t-shirts get out there and make great art!

While the risk of this endeavor could be high if you are investing a substantial amount, if you've got a great graphic design idea and are looking for an inexpensive way to get yourself out there in the world, custom-made t-shirts can be just the thing for you. So here are a few methods to create tremendous graphic tees on your own. 

1. Iron Transfer Print

Iron-on transfer paper is an easy, cost-effective way for anybody with access to a printer to produce their own shirts at home. It's an especially great option for those planning to attend a Halloween party or festival and want to create their own unique pieces that they can wear out. First, you have to develop some good graphic design and draw lines on the fabric by following the lettering guide. After that, use the transfer paper to place your artwork on the shirt. Next, get those wax paper sheets ready and put them on top of your design. Took the back of your shirt or piece of cardboard and iron each section till it melts together. You have to purchase the iron transfer paper from a supplier.

2. Direct Garment Printing

Want to make your own t-shirts with graphics of your kids wearing hand-me-down pride? The Direct Garment Printing to create your own tee. Now, you can have someone else print them (like us) or try them yourself. As you can see, DTG Printing is a very cool process that allows you to create truly unique custom clothing. You're not restricted by pre-made templates. You can design the print any way you want! And it's a tremendous way to develop your shirts stand out and be customized in their own style with robust straightness and durability.

3. Embroidery

Because there are so many types of embroidery, it really depends on your industry and audience. Of course, you should also consider what kinds of garments you're trying to create. This is why a custom tee is a way to go if you need to make apparel that fits your brand image. Decide whether you want someone else to handle the designing and embroidery. or if you want complete freedom to design and produce any t-shirt you wish to form a coil and a needle. Whatever option you choose will determine how you want to move forward with creating your own graphic tee by embroidery.

4. Heat Transfer Vinyl

Artsy kind of person who want to make a lot of graphic tees from your own designs? This method is perfect for you. If you need to make one-offs or small runs of your graphic design, this method would also work great. Since this method allows you to wear the shirt while you cut your plan, it offers some degree of versatility. The real part of this tips is its cost-effectiveness and that your entire shirt does not need to be made out of a heat transfer vinyl material, unlike the other methods mentioned above.

5. Sublimation

The sublimation process can get a bit pricey if you have to purchase all materials. You can find individual materials or use pre-made tees, but I think using regular t-shirts is a great solution for anyone who want to get started with little fuss. It's highly recommended! You could mess up the material, cause the dye to bleed, or even ruin the machine itself! Additionally, if you will print your own tee shirts, do a test run first. Don't wear any 'expensive or important' shirts. If you enjoy the end result, then go ahead and use those high-quality work shirts that you love.

6. White Tone Transfer

The real question is: why are you making these t-shirts? If it's for a business to help promote your brand or others like it, you should definitely invest in a Digital HeatFX printer. The amount of time and money saved over time is more than worth the initial investment. Although, if the reason is personal, such as wanting to make shirts for yourself with awesome designs or to experiment with t-shirt design, then the printer itself isn't necessarily as important because you won't be selling your shirts. So instead of buying a toner-based heat transfer printer, you can go out and purchase colored pre-made transfers from an office supply store.


So there you have it, my friends. The basics of how to make your own graphic tees. It's all about taking a moment to stop and enjoy the little things; you'll be surprised when you look back on this experience just how much you can learn about yourself and about life in general just from making custom t-shirts!

For customizing your t-shirts, it's always advisable to hire the services of a printing company that offers cost-efficient, durable, and high-quality products. Having a reliable company on your side ensures that your graphic tees turn out to be exactly as you envisioned. And being able to choose from several designs and colors adds to the allure of making your own t-shirts at home. So all you need to do now is get cracking and start making your t-shirts!

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