How to Preserve Graphic Tees

How to Preserve Graphic Tees

In short, here's where things can start to get complicated: inks have a reputation for being difficult to keep on a graphic tee. Stains alone can ruin the aesthetics of your tee. In some cases and with a little education on the subject you will be able to apply some preservation tips. You can be sure that your graphic tee will keep its shine longer.

1. The Problematic with Graphic T-Shirts

One of the most frustrating things about graphic t-shirts is the issue of cracking; whether that means on a print or embroidery, the result should be the same. Still, there are ways to prevent it. As long as you’re not a fan of throwing away your graphic tee after a few washes. You can prevent it from happening by avoiding washing it with other items - velcro, cotton, or wire. 

2. Prevent a Graphic Tee From Cracking

If you take care of your graphic t-shirts, they’ll last for a long time. On the other hand, if you just throw them in the machine with everything else, don’t be surprised if you get cracking soon after. Hopefully, you will find a few advice, and your favorite graphic tee will persevere through many more washes.

3. Turn the Tee Inside Out.

This tip is so simple that it’s often overlooked, but I feel like it should be mentioned more often. It can be beneficial for the life of your favorite t-shirt. Not to mention the vibrant appearance of your graphic design. So next time you feel like chucking your shirt in the wash, remember this tip and turn it inside out first.

4. Wash Your Tee with Cold Water

Hot temperatures can be detrimental to tee shirts. So wash your graphic t-shirt with cold water as often as possible (at least for the first few washes). Because hot temperatures can dry out the ink, causing cracking and making the fabric look more worn, it’s better to wash your shirt with cold water whenever possible.

5. Avoid Using a dryer

The world of graphic t’s is beautiful and exciting indeed, where you can express yourself with the t-shirts you wear—but make sure that you take the steps necessary to protect them from the elements. If you do it, using a dryer will ruin your shirts years from now. So instead, use these tips to keep your shirts looking as good as new, for years to come.

6. Avoid Drying it With the Sun

We’re not sure why heat would threaten the integrity of the ink, but at least you know now. If you do want to hang your shirts outside in the hot sun. Be mindful of the material tee you wear (or even of your favorite vintage shirt. If it cracks as nobody expects it to, then we’d bet the one-million-dollar it isn’t because of the UV rays. 

7. Wash Your Tees by Hands

If you have to wash your graphic tees, consider hand-washing them or using a washing bag to keep them from getting tossed around. In addition, air drying is a better choice for cotton garments. It provides valuable ventilation that can remove odors and reduce the chances of shrinking.

8. Do not Wear it Every Day

The point is simple: don’t wear your t-shirts every day. If you do, your shirt will get dirty quickly, and it will begin to look worn out. Instead, preserve your shirt by just wearing it about half of the time. A few exceptions to this rule—particularly if you like a graphic tee. Still, it’s a good rule of thumb for most graphic tees out there.

9. Put a Hint of Detergent

Have you ever worn a graphic tee and noticed it “cracking” or fading over time? One of the main reasons for this is that the fibers have been washed with excess detergent in mind. Using too much detergent causes friction between the fibers during the first few washes, and it’s a significant cause of graphic cracking.

10. Try the Laundry Bag

In addition to preventing ink from cracking, the mesh laundry bag is perfect for use with delicates. Safety first with this kind of item. Especially considering that they can be damaged in a single wash. So if you’re looking for an affordable thing that could extend their life and keep them looking like new, this may be the best option for you. There you have it! 


Ultimately, though, most people recommend washing your t-shirt with similar colors and on a delicate setting in cool water to avoid overworking your garment. That’s good advice for any t-shirt, but it’s undoubtedly essential when the design is printed on. Even a single mistake can lead to a ruined t-shirt, so proper care is critical.

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